Are politics on your Thanksgiving menu?


The People of Arizona Deserve Better

Pardon us for not seeing the humor in Rep. Paul Gosar’s social post depicting him killing Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and going after President Biden with a pair of swords. We should expect more of our elected officials.

What’s definitely not funny is the lack of civility we continue to see across the country and in our nation’s capital. We should expect the same level of civility in Congress as we see at our Thanksgiving tables. Use our conversation guide to ensure that you set the standard for civility as you gather for the holidays.

Each one of us should engage in conversations to listen more, react less, and tolerate views we don’t agree with, especially at upcoming holiday gatherings.

Dear Democracy: We need to talk.

“Politics has been a big part of the relationship with my dad for over 40 years now. Growing up, my parents were involved in statewide politics, and I was even a Young Republican. But now my dad, a committed GOPer, refuses to even talk about anything political. He constantly tells me how concerned he is about the future of this country for my kids but then won’t talk about that future or how to make it better.”

Does this sound like you? We’re here to help! Read our advice on how to handle increasingly polarized relationships. Need assistance navigating a similar situation of your own? We want to hear from you.

Write a letter to Dear Democracy to get the advice you need this holiday season.

Building Bridges (Literally)

Today’s Washington is known for gridlock, but there are still successes to celebrate, like the largest federal infrastructure investment in U.S. history becoming law! Seventeen House Republicans put country over party to pass this historic legislation. This is proof that things can get done in our government when we work together. As a result of bipartisanship, you will soon travel safer, drink cleaner water, and be better connected.

As we move toward the holidays, why not consider using this example as a way to strike up a conversation on the importance of bipartisanship?

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