Bring it, 2022

Rally Around Democracy

Bring it, 2022

2022 marks a new year and Franklin is providing you with new tools to help you #RallyAroundDemocracy, starting with the anniversary of January 6th. Check them out here and make a list to:

Show your support on social

Find your elected officials

Write a letter to the editor

Help others get ready to vote

Share your voice with Congress

& Donate to help spread the word

Our democracy took some hits in 2021 and some say it could get worse next year. Start making a plan to get involved now, and remind yourself and others that democracy ultimately won out on January 6th.

Midterm Madness

This upcoming year could be the end all, be all for our democracy, which is why your participation in the midterm elections is so important. The midterm elections often get passed over by the casual voter, but make no mistake, the hardcore activists will be voting next November.

Do the views of people on the extreme edges of both parties represent your views? If not, you need to make your voice heard by getting out and voting.

These same activists also generally dictate who gets out of the primaries and on the ballot. These days, we’re seeing more and more candidates running for office who have more authoritarian tendencies than traditional democratic ones. The primaries give us the opportunity to weed out these types of candidates and put people on the ticket that represent the views and opinions of the majority of Americans. NBC gives us a taste of some key primaries, but you can get the full list from Ballotpedia.

Get involved in the 2022 primaries and make your voice heard early in the election process.

We’ll see you there.


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