Thank You, Veterans


Thank You, Veterans

While those who serve our country in the military to defend our freedoms should be recognized every day for what they do, Veterans Day gives our nation the opportunity to honor those who served and thank them for that service. For those on the front lines of protecting our democratic values around the world, there are lessons we can learn from them about preserving democracy here at home. Their unique perspective was showcased during a panel discussion with military veterans hosted by the Brookings Institution on “How Veterans Can Protect American Democracy”.

We’d especially like to say thank you to the veterans in the Franklin Project Democracy Corps. Your fortitude in continuing to fight for freedom and democracy is a beacon for us all.

Are politics on your Thanksgiving Day menu?

Thanksgiving is right around the corner – are you prepared for how to talk to your family about issues of the day that could blow up the dinner table like whether to vax or not to vax? You might be dreading how a conversation like this may go, but one thing is for sure – “Better conversations are crucial if we are to live and work in community, to thrive in community and to survive as a democracy,” says Katie Hyten.

In the Bedford Gazette, Hyten addresses how to have a conversation about vaccines at your Thanksgiving table. Make a plan and be prepared for these types of conversations over the holidays.

In Need of Some Advice? Just Ask Dear Democracy

Are you in a relationship strained by politics and polarization?

Dear Democracy is The Franklin Project’s advice column where your questions get real world answers on how to move relationships from polarizing to productive. Each week we’ll feature letters from people just like you along with expert advice. Submit your letter today!


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