We’re Not Mad, Just Disappointed


Be a hero.

Organize like Rhonna-Rose. Run like Barbara. Advocate like Lark.

Citizen superheroes are those who commit everyday to standing up for democracy. It’s people like Rhonna-Rose, Barbara, and Lark who are shaping our country’s future. A future where more voices are heard.

Take personal inventory of how you are making this commitment, too. How can you organize and lead in your community? What will you say on behalf of those who aren’t being heard? Maybe it’s running for office, volunteering for pro-democracy causes, or just sharing your voice.

We’re not mad, just disappointed

In a democracy, in which the government is accountable to the people, a free and independent press is absolutely vital. Famed journalist Walter Cronkite, often referred to as the “most trusted man in America” once said “freedom of the press is not just important to democracy, it is democracy.” Because of the critical role the media plays in our democracy, this also requires a high level of responsibility, on their part, when it comes to reporting on the news of the day.

Last Saturday’s Justice for J6 rally was billed by some major players/outlets in the media as the next January 6th or in some cases something far worse.

Fortunately, it ended up being a total bust.

But the consequences of such rhetoric gave a lot of coverage to a person and a cause that deserved none. Much like how sports coverage doesn’t show fans running on the field or court during a game, as not to highlight the act and therefore discouraging similar antics by other fans. The media should be just as careful not to give unnecessary attention where it’s unwarranted.

Unfortunately, we witnessed the opposite when it came to the coverage in the lead up to the rally, which likely means we will only see more of these types of events in the future.

The author of this piece says he’s not mad, just disappointed in how the press covered the Justice for J6 rally. After reading this are you mad or just disappointed?

Was the coverage leading up to this past Saturday’s Justice for J6 rally in Washington, DC an attempt by the media to make something out of nothing? Would you call this responsible journalism? Take a listen to CNN’s Reliable Sources panel and see what you think.

While many in the media overhyped the Justice for J6 rally this article in Mother Jones the day before the rally says the media is getting it wrong and ignoring experts who said this will not be another January 6 riot.

Fox News often rails on the mainstream media for getting it wrong. So did Fox News get it right for calling them out on making too much of the Justice for J6 rally before it even happened?

Time to step-up

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