What Makes a Real #Citizensuperhero?

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What makes a real #CitizenSuperhero?

Laura, who dedicated her life to our election process by serving as a poll worker for 79 years, or Andrew, who vandalized and trespassed on U.S. Capitol grounds to pressure Congress to overturn presidential election results?

The answer is clear. Those who show up.
It’s past time that we all start amplifying the voices of real heroes like Laura who are saving our democracy.

Holding the media accountable

“In the space of these few weeks we’ve been given a perfect encapsulation of what is wrong with how our political press is covering this moment. Healthy democracy requires an independent press that is focused on the issues that matter. Unfortunately, for the health of our country, political coverage today is about the game of politics, politics the reality show, not the issues that matter to people on a day-to-day basis.”

Read on from Brandon Borrman, our Senior Advisor and former Vice President of Global Communications at Twitter, on how we can all start publicly demanding better from our press.

The bill stops with me

Is it all about them, or does the American public figure into the two big bills everyone is talking about in Washington D.C.? Should the media spend less time focusing on political gamesmanship inside the beltway or more time reporting on what this means for the American public? Check out this video/piece from MSNBC and take a vote.

While what we’ve seen is sausage making at it’s finest – it’s worth understanding what’s happening so you can have a conversation about it this weekend. ABC sums it all up very nicely in this week in politics.

Not sure how to start the conversation? Go to our website and see how to get it started.

Writing a letter to the editor is democratic. Meade Fischer believes an all or nothing approach to the two bills is flawed. Feel strongly about an issue? Take a stand and write a letter to the editor.

Should courage be the standard?

In his recent opinion piece, Thomas L. Friedman asks the question: Do Democrats have the courage of Liz Cheney?

Shouldn’t we expect this kind of courage from all of our elected officials? We need 330 million heroes to help hold our elected officials to a higher standard. Get a friend to take the pledge so they can get in the fight.

Who’s your hero?

Nominate a civics superhero, get a prize pack with Franklin swag. Email your nominee to us at info@franklinproject.us to nominate someone in your life who goes above and beyond in your community.


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